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Drowning Dog and Malatesta - Gen Pop (2xLP)
  • Drowning Dog and Malatesta - Gen Pop (2xLP)

Drowning Dog and Malatesta - Gen Pop (2xLP)

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Label Rudy's back, Upstartz Rcds, Fire and Flame, EK rcds
Year 2019
Format Double Vinyle  LP / 30cm / 45rpm

Double vinyle 12" / 45rpm, en gatefold avec textes sur la face intérieure.



"Berlin-based, made in California rap and producer duo DROWNING DOG AND MALATESTA, in short: DDM, have been creating musical rebellion against the unequal society and, as a cultivating part of the American and European radical rap scene, giving a voice to the people who are never heard since 2005. On May 12th 2023, DDM are back with their new album „Gen Pop“." (Fire and Flames)



Face A

  1. Takin' Our Time
  2. Necessary Illusions
  3. Essential A.F.
  4. Happy

Face B

  1. I Was In It
  2. One Day (Remix) (feat. Anela Jahmena and Tsidi Bang-Bang of Soundz of the South)
  3. Blood Money

Face C

  1. Whole Lot
  2. Got No Home
  3. Self Made

Face D

  1. Swingin' Back
  2. Raw
  3. Summer Song
  4. One Day (feat. Anela Jahmena of Soundz of the South)


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