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Bérurier Noir - La bataille de palikao
[Digipack CD]

Their first LIVE album after just releasing their first LP and it already captures their success and LIVE impact! This is a french punk historical document.Berurier Noir was a French punk band formed in Paris in 1983 by Loran (guitar), Francois (vocals) and Dede (drum machine). They called themselves "noir" (black) for the color of mourning (because their first concert was planned to be also their last) and for anarchy and "Berurier" after the character from the novels of Frederic Dard. Instead of being an end, the success of their first show inspired them to continue. A cult band, Berurier Noir were loved by a generation of youth and feared by concert organisers for the riots that followed their shows ! This record include some live tracks with Gaboni (drummer of Lucrate Milk), when their drum machine (Dede) was stolen just before their concert in april 1984.


01 - J’ai peur
02 - Manifeste
03 - Nada
04 - Les Béruriers sont les rois
05 - Il tua son petit frère
06 - Lobotomie Hopital
07 - Traumatisme les éléphants
08 - Lobotomie Hopital
09 - Les bûcherons
10 - Chromosome Y
11 - Frères d’armes
12 - Hôpital de force
13 - La mort au choix
14 - Chromosome Y
15 - Elsa je t’aime
16 - Les Béruriers sont les rois
17 - La nuit noire
18 - Les Béruriers sont les rois
19 - Les bûcherons
20 - Lobotomie Hopital

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Bérurier Noir - La bataille de palikao

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