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Bérurier Noir - Concerto pour détraqués (LP)

Berurier Noir's music was clearly derived from British punk rock as far music and lyrics were concerned. Most of their songs were short, aggressive and usually based on a couple of basic power chords. Their lyrics reflected the typical concerns of punks: rejection of consumerism, politics, traditional social order and the anger felt by disaffected youth, tramps and outsiders in general. On the other, they added some interesting innovations. Their rhythm section consisted of a cheap drum machine, which became an essential and arguably endearing part of their sound. The frequent use of a saxophone as of the mid-eighties also set them apart from most other punk rock bands. They would regularly appear on record sleeves and on stage wearing clown outfits, mock police uniform or pig masks. Their shows were a unique and highly festive cross between a punk rock concert, a grotesque circus and an anarchist rally.


This product was added to our catalog on Monday 17 March, 2008.
Bérurier Noir - Concerto pour détraqués (LP)

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