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Mon Dragon - KarassuTengu No Kodomo (CD)

Includes FREE CD for your digital! Awesome mix of punk, hardcore, and pop (with subtle crustiness seeping through) from these Lyonnais (France) noisemakers! The vocals especially stand out - unlike most other punk bands, the singer can actually hold a tune! Recorded in 2006, these fourteen tracks are sure to get you pogoing around your basement in no time!

This my friends, might be the hardest record to review i've ever faced. I want to mention so many bands to try and describe how this sounds. I also want to put them into so many different genres but i won't do that either. I simply can't decide whether i think Mon Dragon is making some amazing music here and or just a hard time deciding how they want to sound. At first i wanted to write that this is the best record i've heard so far this year but i won't say that because there is some things in this music that i really don't like. Maybe it will melt in as I listen more but as a review-writer here in PE, i have a deadline and not nearly enough time to listen to this record as i need. What can i say about this record thought is that I feel that the band has put a lot of effort into making it as the songs make a strong impression on me and the recording quality is amazing as well. The artwork is weird as the music but i like it a lot, especially the front is really cool. I will give you one tip - if you like anarchopunk from this millenium, it's worth all your time to get this record. You might love it to death. Mon Dragon are trying to make a piece of art to be remembered, I can't decide if they succeed or not just yet. A side note is that this record is all in French but came with a nice A5 sized fanzine with translations and some infos for the political lyrics !
PROFANE EXISTENCE #55 (spring 2008)

1 - L'Ile aux Corbeaux
2 - Edukation & Esclavage
3 - Les cafards
4 - Interlude des barbelés
5 - Dokdo Takeshima [télécharger]
6 - Petite trousse
7 - 3x45
8 - Le corps d'Ama
9 - L'interlude des pillules
10 - What a what a waste
11 - Benedicte Douglas
12 - L'interlude des enfants perdus
13 - 343 Salopes
14 - Viande

En écoute : Mon Dragon - Petite trousse

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 February, 2007.
Mon Dragon - KarassuTengu No Kodomo (CD)

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